“At my age- I’m 60 years old I did not believe that I could change anything in my appearance. I lost my hear at the top of the head 20 years ago. I did not know that a hair transplant could help me.
I found dr Sandelewski clinic on the Internet. After having read positive opinions I decided to have a consultation. The doctor appeared punctually in the surgery. The whole process of the hair transplantation presented by the doctor seemed very clear. I decided to have FUT performed.
I underwent the procedure itself very well, only sometimes I got bored. Now it’s been 3 months after the procedure and I can see brand new hair. I’m very satisfied with the procedure performed by dr Sandelewski”.

“I would also like to share my experience from the stay and procedure performed in dr Sandlewski surgery. I lost my hair 10 years ago, just like my grandfather I was bald. I read on the Internet and I came to the conclusion that it was Norwood 4. I searched for the doctors who perform this type of procedure. I decided to choose dr Sandelewski because 1) I read positive recommendations 2) the surgery was close to my place of living 3) I searched for a doctor who would also perform BHT- taking hair from the body. During the consultation the doctor offered FUE and combined it with BHT. He told me I had too little hair on the head to achieve the hair density I wanted. I agreed. Apart from the head the doctor also took the hair from the beard. As he said the hair from the beard is very good for the first line of hair. The procedure took 7 hours, but the time went by very quickly. Most of the time I was talking to the whole staff. I also watched 1 film on DVD. After the procedure I went home on my own with a wound dressing.
I can recommend dr Sandelewski to everybody after what I have seen, what is happening on my head- new hair is growing. The doctor can understand people with such problems and what is most important- can help them.”