FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation.

FUT is particularly recommended for the patients who expect dense hair after transplantation and at the same time accept the presence of a linear scar which in most cases is little visible when using an appropriate technique of the procedure.
In FUT technique it is possible to map the donor area with the recipient area in the ratio of 1:1.
FUT technique hair transplantation is a comfortable procedure both for men and women.
Before the procedure a thorough assessment of the donor area is performed and the extent of hair transplant is established. The photographic documentation ensures full anonymity.
The procedure is performed under local (infiltration) anesthesia. Dr Sandelewski uses specially prepared anesthetic solution which limits the occurrence of side effects to a minimum.
For the procedure only the hair in the area of strip extraction should be shaven (a strip of ca 1,5 cm wide and ca 30 cm long) depending on the number of extracted hair units.
Thanks to this after the surgery the donor site becomes invisible because it’s covered with long hair.
Anesthesia is performed in the first part of the procedure in a sitting position. With the help of a fine needle 30G an anesthetic solution is locally introduced into the donor site. Then after several minutes the following milliliters of the solution are introduced. After having waited 20-30 minutes the patient is asked to lie prone.
Dr Sandelewski extracts a strip of skin of the proper width and length which has a relevant amount of hair for the transplantation from the occipital area. Then the strip obtained is transferred for further processing.
The site of strip extraction is sewn with a continues stich. Thanks to the use of a special technique- so called trichophytoic closure the scar in the hair extraction site remains undetectable from the distance.
One should remember that each, even properly closed wound cannot be subjected to tension. Because of this fact it is recommended to avoid excessive physical activity for about 1 month after the procedure.

Each transplanted graft- hair unit is properly divided and prepared for the transplantation under stereoscopic microscope. The microscopes used ensure precision and the production of the healthiest hair for the transplantation.