FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction

This modern technique is used for the treatment of balding. The root of this procedure is the extraction of particular hair units separately during the same session.

In comparison to the traditional FUT method, FUE procedure gives less damage, faster wound healing, less visible scars and above all there is no visible linear, long scar.

FUE is directed mainly to the patients who prefer a short haircut. It is particularly recommended also for the patients after undergone “old” procedures on the hair where the further skin extraction is not possible.

Dr Sandelewski extracts particular hair units which may contain from 1 to 4 hairs with the use of special puncture needles of minimal size, that is the diameter of 0,75- 1 mm.

These fine extracting needles thanks to their special construction and shape ensure minimal skin damage and minimal damage to the tissues surrounding hair. Thanks to this the scars after the extraction are practically invisible and the amount of damaged hair for the transplantation does not exceed 5-8%.

FUE technique hair transplantation is a comfortable procedure for both men and for women.

Before the procedure a thorough assessment of the donor area is performed and the extent of the hair transplant is established. The photographic documentation ensures full anonymity.

The procedure is performed under local (infiltration) anesthesia. Dr Sandelewski uses specially prepared anesthetic solution which limits the occurrence of side effects to a minimum.

For FUE procedure the hair in the donor area must be shaven to 2-3 mm of length. It is also possible to choose the donor area so that the surrounding long hair could cover the extraction site.

Anesthesia is performed in the first part of the procedure in a sitting position. With the help of a fine needle 30G an anesthetic solution is locally introduced to the donor site. Then after several minutes the following milliliters of the solution are introduced. After having waited 20-30 minutes the patient is asked to lie prone.
With the use of special extracting needles dr Sandelewski takes single hair units which are then put into a special vessel which is placed in a fridge- in order to minimize necrosis of the hair to be transplanted.

One should take into account that the extraction area in FUE technique in comparison to FUT technique will be greater by about 25-30%, in order to obtain- extract the same amount of hair calculated for FUT.

After the extraction of a sufficient number of hairs a gauze is put on the donor area. Then the patient sits in an armchair and similarly as described above the recipient site is anesthetized.

During this part of the procedure the patient can watch movies, read magazines or chat with dr Sandelewski and his staff.
According to the extent of the transplantation established before dr Sandelewski with the help of special needles creates canals in the skin for the introduction of the hair to be transplanted.

Dr Sandelewki personally supervises the qualified staff who implants hair ready to be transplanted to the areas previously prepared.

After the procedure a special ointment is applied. The patient leaves the clinic with no wound dressing.

The decisive factor of the results of FUE technique hair transplantation is mainly the quality of hair to be transplanted. Because of that FUE cannot always be performed for all types of hair and in all of the patients.