A 32- year- old patient came to the clinic because of excessive hair loss mostly at the receding hairline. After consultation it turned out to be a male pattern hair loss. The patient was qualified for the FUT technique procedure- that is strip extraction. The procedure itself was performed by San-Med Hair Transplant medical staff under the guidance of dr Sandelewski.

dr Sandelewski implantation

The first part of the procedure- “strip” extraction went very quickly and with no complications.

During the procedure the patient remained in a prone position. After 40 minutes the patient could easily sit in an armchair prepared for the second part of the procedure.

During second part of the procedure dr Sandelewski prepared the recipient area for the hair transplant by making multiple canals in the skin. The hair taken before prepared under stereoscopic microscope by San-Med assistants were was transplanted.

During the procedure the patient had 1000 grafts transplanted. The whole procedure of hair transplantation was performed under local anesthesia which enabled the patient to leave the clinic on his own.

After the procedure the patient was satisfied and patiently waited for the results.
He observed the first signs of new hair growth after about 3 months. The control photos taken after 6 months confirmed the effectiveness of the procedure.