Please take only medications prescribed by dr Sandelewski. Taking other medications should be consulted with the reception. Pain killers prescribed should be taken every 6 hours if necessary. Do not use aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs eg. Ibuprom which may increase bleeding.
Bandage applied after the procedure will be removed on the next day after surgery.

Transplanted hair site

1 day after the procedure – please use a sterile physiological saline solution in spray every 2 hours, gently spraying the site where the hair had been transplanted. Gently touch the surface of the head with a sterile gauze swab. During this procedure the remaining of blood and plasma is removed.
2- 7 day after the procedure the hair can be washed with a shampoo- baby shampoo or disinfectant Betadine or polodine solution. Do not massage the skin of the head; only gently touch. Use a gentle stream of warm water so that the pressure exerted on the hair was possibly smallest. Wash the hair 1x/ day everyday. After washing the hair do not apply any ointments, conditioners and oils on the hair.
8 -1 4 after procedure. In this week the hair can be gently massaged during washing. For the washing only baby shampoo can be used. The hair can be washed 1,2x/ day everyday.

The donor area

Follow the instructions as in case of donor area as it has been described above.
Additional information
Edema- after surgery edema in the area of transplanted hair can occur. This is a “normal” process related to the procedure. Edema will naturally disappear within 3-4 days. In case of prolonged period please contact our reception.

Removing sutures – In case of FUT technique absorbable sutures will be used so there is no need to have the sutures removed.

Sleeping- the best position for sleeping and resting after the procedure is the position with the head and upper body slightly elevated at 45 degree angle. Such position helps in edema abatement.

Alcohol, smoking, sexual activity – reduce to a minimum 3-4 days after the procedure
Sun – after the procedure one should avoid excessive sunlight for 6 weeks and solarium for ***

Physical exercise – after 14 days one can take up normal physical activity at full load, swimming and playing tennis

In case of other questions or doubts please contact our reception