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20th International ISHRS conference

20th International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) conference took place between 17- 20 October. ISHRS is the greatest society gathering doctors from all over the world who deal with hair transplantation procedures.

Paradise Island on the Bahamas was chosen as the location of the 20th anniversary conference. The conference was exceptional because it was the 20th anniversary of the Society and because of this fact many subjects regarding hair transplantation were discussed.
Dr Artur Sandelewski from San-Med. Hair Transplant was the only doctor who represented Poland during this conference.
Over 600 participants took part in the conference, 170 lectures and presentations were presented. During the conference dr Sandelewski had a possibility to meet his tutors, dr Gambino and dr Tsilosani.
Lectures and seminars regarding the use of stem cells in hair transplantation, new techniques of wound closure in FUT method and new anesthetic techniques were of particular interest.
A stand presenting a robot performing FUE procedure that is ARTAS System turned out to be very popular. This device can have a beneficial influence on the development of hair transplantation procedures.
Moreover dr Sandelewski representing San-Med Hair Transplant clinic from Bielsko- Biala had a possibility to personally meet the most prominent doctors in the field of hair transplantation.
Dr James A. Harris presented his modern take on the FUE method in hair transplantation which uses S.A.F.E System device. Thanks to this meeting dr Sandelewski bought S.A.F.E system to his clinic and is the only doctor in Poland who uses this device for hair transplantation.

Moreover dr Sandelewski took part in many scientific sessions and direct meetings. Particularly interesting was a workshop regarding transplantation procedure of eyebrows, during which dr Pathomvanich and dr Epstein presented the latest results of these procedures.

During the Conference dr Robert True from the USA was dr Sandelewski’s tutor. Dr True is one of the most prominent doctors dealing with hair transplantation.
Thanks to this dr Sandelewski remains in a constant touch with dr True which beneficially influences the results of the procedures performed in San-Med Hair Transplant clinic in Bielsko Biała.
At the end of the Conference dr Sandelewski was accepted as a member of ISHRS.