San-Med Hair Transplant is a professional place where modern procedures of hair restoration surgery are performed.

Here each patient is treated individually and the whole staff does their best to make your stay in our clinic nice and pleasant. We ensure full anonymity and intimate atmosphere.

Hair transplantation procedures are performed by dr Artur Sandelewski. Dr Sandelewski is a 2nd degree specialist in general surgery and specializes in esthetic surgery. Hair restoration surgery is of particular interest of dr Sandelewski. Dr Sandelewski makes use of the skills in this difficult field of medicine- hair transplantation which he acquired during many courses and trainings.

Dr Sandelewski gained the most experience during hands-on trainings at the side of dr Vinzenzo Gambino and dr Akaki Tsilosani.

San-Med Hair Transplant is localized close to Bielsko Biala city center which ensures a convenient access.

Specially prepared surgeries ensure comfortable conditions of stay for the patients.

For the patients coming from further regions we offer a special discount in a nearby Folwark hotel. www.folwark.bielsko.pl

For the patients coming by plane we offer a free shuttle from the airport in Katowice or Cracow