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Hair transplantation is currently the only way to restore functional and morphological look of our head. Hear transplantation consists in the extraction of hair from one site and transplanting them onto a balding area on the head.

The hair transplanted does not lose its genetically programmed growing potential. Because of that in the site it is transplanted to it restores its ability to grow for a lifetime.

Balding constitutes a problem mostly for men. The process of balding in men is related to the excessive activity of male hormone- testosterone, more precisely its active metabolite 5 dihydroxytestosterone (5DHT). A constant increase of male pattern hair loss, particularly in young men, has been observed lately.
Women also suffer from balding. In women a different degree of hair thinning occurs particularly in the central area of the head with the hair preserved in the frontal area at the same time.

After hair transplantation procedure not only your appearance but also your mood will improve. You will feel more confident, free and you will not have to hide your embarrassing problem anymore.
It is worth to notice that the pioneer in hair transplantation is dr Norman Orentreich. In 1959 he performed for the first time and described hair transplantation procedure.

  • FUT Method

    Modern medical procedure aimed to cure loss of hair.

  • FUE Method

    Comparing traditional FUT to FUE, the latter incurs less damage, and less visible scars while patient heals faster.

  • BHT Method

    BHT sets new direction in hair transplantation – hair are taken from other parts than head.



FUT Method

FUT is a modem procedure used in the treatment of balding. The essence of this procedure is the extraction of particular hair units separately…

FUE Method

In comparison to the traditional FUT method FUE procedure gives less damage, ensures faster healing process, less visible scars and most of all…

BHT Method

BHT is currently a new direction of development in hair transplantation. BHT is a kind of FUE. In this technique hair is taken from other than head parts of the body…

“I chose hair transplant in dr Sandelewski clinic because it had been recommended by my dermatologist. Before the procedure I had had fears whether I had chosen correctly and if everything would be OK. Now I can say that I am satisfied with the result obtained. Everything went as dr Sandelewski ensured me it would go during the consultation. The doctor himself turned out to be a nice and friendly man and what is most important he knows his job. I can recommend hair transplantation in dr Sandelewski surgery”.

“I have had a hair transplantation performed by dr Sandelewski in Bielsko-Biala. I chose FUE method which is related to the fact that I have short hair. During the first e mail consultation I felt full professionalism of the doctor. This was confirmed during my first appointment and the procedure itself. The doctor transplanted 1600 FU. I can’t wait to see my new hair grow. The whole staff of the clinic is very friendly and the atmosphere is very familial. I can truly recommend dr Sandelewski”



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